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question about tact

Ok, so we have a blog for dog owners in Albuquerque. Seems like a good place to ask this question I've got.
What's a tactful way to deal with this situation:
I'm standing at the curb, holding my two year old daughter and all our dog equipment. My husband has our two dogs on their leashes (neutered male mixed breed, 85lbs; neutered female mixed breed, 50lbs.) and is walking them from the truck to the entrance gate at the dog park. Suddenly two dogs of indeterminate breed and gender come running up (no leashes) and start getting agressive with my dogs. The apparent owner is walking in the parking lot, toward the dog park gate, holding what looks like a pretty thin retractible-style leash rolled up in one hand, sees the situation, makes an attempt to call the two unleashed dogs and then just leaves it up to my husband, who is trying to haul our dogs away (which is impossible because the unleashed dogs keep following him). Eventually he drags our dogs away and 'goes for a walk' far away until the other owner and dogs are in the park. We never got an apology or any kind of acknowledgement of the situation. Once in the park, all the dogs in question played great together.

Here's what I did: I said, "gee, I think you need a leash." {the owner responded by gesturing with the rolled-up leash and said 'I have a leash. they out weigh me and knock me over.") I said, "maybe you could try walking them into the park one at a time." (the owner said 'are you kidding?')

I was left pretty annoyed, but I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to start a fight, and in the grand scheme of things it's not a huge thing, but I really hate following the rules and ending up having my (rather well behaved) dogs attacked by dogs whose owners don't follow the rules. I suppose I could go to another dog park, but I have a feeling there's "one bad apple" just about every where you go. Rather than try to avoid annoying situations, I'd love to hear if anyone has some reasonable, tactful ways to approach other dog owners with concerns like this. Thanks!
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